Free Space…so put it here!

I have renamed this blog to reflect its new purpose.

So I guess I better briefly explain. My team & I needed a place to park different things that we use to demonstrate ideas when presenting 2.0 tools. And the participants in our classes and presentations often are so generous to share their creations so we can share their thoughts and ideas. A major theme of the 2.0 world…sharing!

Hence…this blog becomes the place to park these creations. And the first batch are from Animoto…those wonderful 30 second “music videos”…collections of images + music that are stirred just enough by the program! So look up towards the banner and click on the Animoto page.

Not sure right now what else might show up so keep watching! 

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I do not post here currently.

If you would like to see what is on my mind, please go to A Library By Any Other Name or Lily Pad Playground ( a 23 Things actvitiy blog)

The nature of my work makes using another service the most logical for me at this moment.

I will return here “some day“…there are some things from this blog service that I like very much…the ability to add Pages is a very strong and important one and another is  the support that you can get behind the scenes…someone actually answers my questions promptly..and quite often it is James himself!

So if you choose this as your place to blog…I hope you have as wonderful an experience as I did.